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Shounen Club Premium (2014.09.17) - Domoto Koichi's part (English Subs)

I translated this into Spanish some time ago and since it seems it isn't in English yet, I decided to do it :)

Tell me if my English doesn't make sense so I can fix it. I bet it may sound weird sometimes :\

Download: 4S .001 .002 .003
Softsubs: 4S (not timed to any raw)

Puedes encontrar este vídeo en español aquí.

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  2. Would you mind if I translate your Engsub into Vietnamese? Because I don't know Japanese, and I want my friends, who are also Hyphens, to enjoy too.

    1. Sure! No need to ask me in the future! ^^ I'm glad more hyphens will be able to enjoy this too :)