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Kimi no yume Boku no yume (English translation)

You can find the kanji and romanji lyrics here.

Kimi no yume  Boku no yume
(Your dream, my dream)

Lyrics and music: Suga Shikao
Arrangement: Funayama Motoki


I wanted to fly higher than anyone else and I ran for my life.
I wonder if the seriousness and sweat that I piled up reached you.

It seems like the wings are going to break, in this night that goes on the edge too.

Always, just right beside me, it was your voice.
"Let's go! If it's us, we can fly"
or so it seemed.

If there's a God, even if he can change the past,
I want to be able to say everyday "I don't want to change anything".

These tears·grief→swallow them.
Towards a huge x world.

My vow to never make you feel lonely.
"Let's go! We can fly higher"
if I'm with you.

Your dream, my dream; if they are the same, we'd be happy, right?
Make the joy and pain a colored recipe now.

If you always stay in the future I'm heading towards, then
"Let's go! If we are together, we can fly"

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