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[Info & Download] KAT-TUN LINE LIVE

J&A went crazy and let KAT-TUN go live on the internet. I know, it must be the end of the world xD

They did it in the app/web LINE LIVE and they annouced they will be live again on the 22nd. That day there will be a fan event for the FC members and they will broadcast it live for people who can't attend :D


(2018.03.19) SECRET LINE LIVE - KAT-TUN LINE LIVE Important Announcement: 
- Official Streaming
- Download: 4S || MEGA 

(2018.03.22) KAT-TUN 2018 FIRST IMPRESSION: 
- Official Streaming (it will be on March 22nd at 15:00 JST) 

I hope this is not a one-time thing and they do it more often *____*

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