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[Trans] MAQUIA 2018.04 - Deep inside of "Yume yori, Kame."

"Yume yori, Kame." can be trasnlated in two different ways:
- Kame, from a dream (from as in a letter)
- Kame, beyond the dream.
And "dream" with the meaning of "image" or "illusion". Like the image or illusion people have of him as an idol. So "beyond the dream" would be like "beyond the image people have of me" aka "the real me".

I left the title in Japanese through the text so I hope that help to understand it :)


To commemorate the release of his first book: all his publications from another angle!

Deep inside of
Yume yori, Kame.
To commemorate his 32nd birthday, he will release on February 23rd a book of the serialization he has in this magazine since 7 years ago, Kame Camera. It contains the personal selection Kamenashi-san chose and new pictures you will only be able to see in the book.

23 questions to Kamenashi Kazuya

"This book is a documentary about a person who was born from a dream"
"I'm happy but I'm also very nervous." Those were the first words he said a bit embarrassed when we asked him about the book that compiles things of his serialization, Kame Camera. "This serialization is something very personal. I show myself to the camera just as I am without realizing it and I really talk about important things that I don't even tell my friends. That's why, making it a book we can see Kamenashi Kazuya himself and his life itself. It isn't like a self-help book that gives advices to you, but it is something like a documentary of a simple man. If the people who read it feel something; feel some inspiration or hope..." 
   It has some kind of mysterious air and humor; what was what make him think of the title he himself thought of: Yume yori, Kame.
"There are many reasons! 'Yori' of 'yume yori' is a comparative word. I want to live a reality that goes beyond the dream and it also means that I want to be a man that surpasses the dream he has created (the image people have of him as an idol). Also, 'yori' has the meaning of 'from'. Summary, every thing that's real is born from a dream. But if the dream is real, it will have many bitter parts for sure. When I started working in this industry, I came to know loneliness way more than greatness. Even so, I've been surviving in this reality that started like a dream. I'm going to treasure carefully this present that was born from a dream and the future that may come. I'd like it if people could perceive this way of thinking and living of Kamenashi Kazuya in all the pages of this book."

He will answer questions of hyphens and readers of MAQUIA.
He answered 23 questions we gathered through Twitter with "#ユメカメ (yumekame)"

Q1 When the serialization, Kame Camera, started, you said you didn't like being photographed, is it still the same now?
Yes. I like it and I don't like it.
That said, since it's part of my job, I can't do anything about it. There was a time when I didn't like almost anything about myself, so at that time I really hated it! It's a matter of your appearance reflecting what's in your heart and vice versa. Because my personality is the personality of someone who doesn't like to stand in front of people. If I have to say if I like it or not, then I usually go for the negative (laugh).

Q2 Since the serialization started 7 years ago until now, how do you think you have grown as a person?
In one word: my experience.
I can't say I've grown in every aspect, but now I can find a solution for a problem I couldn't have been able to in the past, and now I also have like a better intuition. So thinking that way, the thing that changed the most in me is my experience.

Q3 How do you decide the theme of the serialization?
The editor chooses it and I don't know it until just right before (the interview). Sometimes I suggest things like "Then, what do you think if I wear these clothes and hairstyle?" Normally we let everything to flow and then I start feeling the theme and whatever else that comes up at that moment and I talk and behave in an honest way.

Q4 Do you decide the personal photos you use for the serialization in the last minute? Or do you take the photos thinking you will use them for Kame Camera?
If there is a picture that I've taken in my daily life that goes well with the theme, then I choose that, if there isn't any, I take a new one.

Q5 What is your favorite picture of the serialization?
It's a difficult question since I have good memories of all of them... I like the feeling of not knowing what will happen in the future of the first volume and I also like the picture in the volume "Travel". I also kind of like the stoic face I had in 2014 (laugh).

Q6 What does the serialization Kame Camera mean to Kamenashi-kun? Please, let us also know how are the interviews for Kame Camera made.
It's the place where my heart's verification process takes place... Or something like that. In the end, that becomes a page in a magazine that people read, but it is also something that I do for myself. Normally, when I go drinking with my friends, I don't talk that much about myself, so (in the magazine) I basically I say things I don't usually say to people. It is something that makes me tense and relaxed at the same time. During the interview, more than answering questions, I just talk about lots of things and many times that makes me realize once again of how I am.

Q7 When you reread your past publications, is there anything that has made you think "Did I say that? How embarrassing"? Or anything that made you think "This is too cool"?
I don't have a sense of trying to be cool, so there's almost anything that has made me feel embarrassed. It makes me recall what I was feeling at that moment and think "Such cool things I was saying when the times were good!" (laugh). I've also been encouraged by my past self. Like "I said that. My present me has to work hard then!". There are also words that made me think I said them when my mind wasn't on the best conditions; it's kind like a diary, isn't it?


Q8 I want to know what is the "make-up that works the best for Kamenashi-san". 
The ones that are unnoticeable!
I like the make-ups that make people feel you are not wearing anything to the point of not really knowing if I'm wearing it or not.

Q9 Kamenashi-san's body is very flexible. Is there any stretching that you recommend?
Stretching both arms out to your back making your shoulder blades to touch. Spreading your legs standing up and putting your hands on your knees, bending your lower back a bit and spinning the upper part of your body so your hip joint is stretched. Also, trying to touch the top of your feet while having your legs straight will make you buttocks hard. These are something indispensable in the mornings of a shooting day! I don't have a fixed time to do it and before I realize it, I'm doing it during work or in my everyday life.

Q10 Have you read any other article in MAQUIA apart from Kame Camera?
Of course.
I don't know much about make-up, but I check the beauty products. I'm like "So this is what's good now!"

Q11 Is there any cosmetic that makes you switch (like putting in work mode)?
Perfume. Because of an encounter by chance, I got to know a jasmine and roses perfume and I've been using it for 5 or 6 years; and I even have a body cream with the same scent. After that, I also started liking a body cream with a lavender scent.

Q12 What's the skin care method you like?
Lately, it's facial massagers. I also changed recently the face lotion I use.
When I think "Has my skin get used to it?" is the moment to change the face lotion. And no matter what, I apply a moisturizer! The times that I use a facial mask after a bath feel really good and are a delight. More than being something that I use for beauty, they are like a relaxing session.

Q13 What's the secret of beauty you are obsessed with?
It's me who wants to know!
Yamapi knows more than me about beauty so I've got a lot of information from him. Also, the information you get with your eyes is important too, so I'm very diligent with cleaning. If you are seeing a well-organized environment and clean things, then you will get satisfied and motivated. The ultimate weapon is the people! Since in my job I meet many pretty actresses and actors, I have to be in shape to be up to them. But of course, my biggest motivation is the presence of those watching me.

Q14 Is there any special item that you use no matter what the day before an important day?
I kind of throw myself into the sauna (laugh).
Before something new, I need to start with the basics. Because I'm the type of person that if I change my routine to get myself motivated, then I'd lose my balance. If I'm in a place where I can't go in the sauna, then I'd take a longer bath. I also don't eat anything nor drink alcohol. If after doing that I'm still nervous, I have to put up with it no matter what. I try to drink a lot of water and see how many times I go to the toilet (laugh).


Q15 Doing what are you the happiest?
Using the sauna!
No, more than using the sauna, I think it's the cold bath (laugh).
Maybe the correct thing to say is that I enter the sauna to be able to have a cold bath. Since with the sauna it's about repeating going from too hot to too cold, I'm not able to think of anything. Since it's an extreme condition, if I have worries, I can't think of them in the sauna. Being like "1 more minute!" is a battle in a whole different level than my battles against my worries.

Q16 About the future of Kamenashi Kazuya you pictured when you were a teen or in your 20's. What percentage of it has become real at this moment?
It's hard to put it with numbers, but I'd say like around 30%. To me, dreams and reality are the same, so each time a dream has come true, it hasn't ended there. I still have to keep going after the dream has come true, right?

Q17 I'm not good at being photographed. Is there any secret to be a bit better at being photographed?
I also don't look good in photos with many people. I can't smile in a natural way! I'm only good at being photographed for work. But if you want me to say something to you, just don't feel embarrassed and try to get into the atmosphere of the place you are in.

Q18 Tell us in detail about you morning and night routine, please.
Lately, I wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. Then, in the car I drink a yogurt that prevents colds, and read the script while I am taken to the filming place. At nights, despite I think "I have to take a bath", it happens a lot that I end up lazing around in the sofa for 2 hours. And there are times I go to bed like that. Now that I think about it, I'm no good at all (laugh). But, if I haven't taken a bath at night, the next morning I take a longer bath.

Q19 Is there any dream you have or views you want to see as KAT-TUN?
The thing I want to see the most now is the view of us standing in the dome in April.

Q20 What is the dream Kamenashi-kun has in this moment? Is there a dream you want to treasure more than reality?
I always have dreams, but they are not mere dreams! In other words, to me the reality is a dream and dreams are the reality. They are two things inside the same box. Dreams are not a delusion, because they are a real thing that will come true for sure. Having in our hands that map called "dream", we can devote ourselves with all our power and focus on the mission and future we have just in front of us. And I hope many people can have their dreams come true even if they are small.

Q21 Is there anything you would like to exist even if it something dreamlike?
Anywhere Door (of Doraemon)!
Of course I like the process and ways to travel, but I'd like to travel more freely. Right now I want to sleep under a starry sky in a beautiful and warm place.

Q22 What are hyphens (fans) to Kamenashi-kun?
Hyphens are what rule me.

Q23 What is KAT-TUN to Kamenashi-kun?
KAT-TUN is something that exist for the hyphens.


Not translated:

Note: It's the first time Kame and a man are the cover of a MAQUIA.

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