[2019.01.11] Added JFC and J-net's New Year videos and Setsuyaku Rock promo here. // Añadidos los vídeos de Año Nuevo y de promo de Setsuyaku Rock del JFC y J-net aquí.


[Downloads] Scans and FC videos

Here you have some things I had pending to upload :) 
(Ask Yourself booklet is being uploaded in this moment. When it finished I'll edit Ask Yourself entry)

[Photobook] Yume yori, Kame.: MEGA

[Pamphlet] KAT-TUN LIVE 2018 UNION: MEGA

[JFC] (2018.04.17) KAT-TUN - Ask Yourself promo: MEGA
[J-net] (Jap) (2018.04.17) KAT-TUN - Ask Yourself promo: MEGA
[J-net] (Eng) (2018.04.17) KAT-TUN - Ask Yourself promo: MEGA

[JFC] (2018.02.23) Kamenashi's birthday: MEGA
(The actual file has the name in Spanish)

I just want to remind you that you can find all the photobooks/pamphlets (of concerts that haven't got a DVD) and JFC/J-net videos that I've uploaded here:

- [Recopilatorio] Vídeos de J-web, J-net y JFC de KAT-TUN

- [Recopilatorio] Pamphlets, calendarios, photobooks, etc. de KAT-TUN

(The entries are in Spanish but I can translate them to English if necesary)

Sorry for having been so inactive lately but I've been travelling and busy. But now I'm back to the rutine so I'm going to try to translate a bit everyday to bring you vids and translations soon :)

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