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[Trans] [Pamphlet] KAT-TUN LIVE 2018 UNION

1. the act of joinin two or more elements together
2. the act of becoming one
3. a state of harmony


Now we have currently gained experience of how to use the time to face each other individually and I think it is something really good.

Kamenashi Kazuya and “recharging period”

   When the group entered the recharging period, at first, since we decided to have this period, I thought that "I have to stay firm". What the "recharging period" made clear is that it became a period in which us the members and the fans became very conscious of what the group's presence is. Inside my heart I decided to recharge based on restarting our activities (some day) so in this period I didn't feel the "impatience" at all. People in my surroundings often asked me "What will happen to KAT-TUN?", so I thought "So some people are starting to think that..." but there also were many people who understood it. We also made some fans worry, so despite thinking "as soon as possible (we'll come back) in good shape..." there has been a part of fans that thought this period was a bit long, but I'm confident that they will be able to enjoy with us in a new way. When Ueda, Nakamaru and I exchanged our opinions about us as a group, each of us described our thoughts and circumstances and when we saw all of it together and thought "isn't this the best?" that was the moment of starting our activities as a group again.
   In these 2 years I've been able to do many things as an individual, but I did everything with the preamble of restarting the activities with the group and I chose every work I had because I could feel the presence of the group. That's why after choosing to restart the group activities, the news resonated everywhere in a good way and I finally felt how good it would be if we could expand ourselves as an individual and as a group.
   During the recharging period, even if it wasn't a time in which I felt the activities of the other members close, I thought that I had to be very conscious of them. I felt the sense of accomplishment of Ueda as he was in a new environment and had a new position at work and also when Nakamaru had his solo stage play; I think that the normal course of our works rose up. We 3 used really well the time we didn't spend in group activities. For me, having group activities is my priority when deciding how to spend my time. For that reason I think that being able to gaining experience during the recharging as we used our time to pursue ourselves as "individuals" was a really good thing.

Thinking of KAT-TUN once again

   With all the things that have happened until now, honestly, I had doubts regarding the activities as a group and the figure of the group... It was like I was weakened emotionally. Being related to the group named KAT-TUN, debuting with them, having people supporting us... Every time (that something happened to us) I began to think for what reason did I do everything that I did, for what reason did I continue as part of that existence that is the group named KAT-TUN; but somehow I always ended up going with the flow. This time, with the recharging period, once again I was in that state and with KAT-TUN having a fresh start, all the energy I continued receiving and having the fans there for us, I felt that I had to continue being that existence that moves as a member of the group called KAT-TUN; I wanted to continue being that existence. That's something that I have always thought, but once again I confirmed that feeling.

And towards UNION

   What can we do reuniting the 3 of us together? I think that's something we'll see from now on. We are moving now after finishing the recharging and our first opportunity to have a firm step is the Tokyo Dome concerts. What will we feel as a group standing in front of everybody, what will we show this time as a group, what place are we in now... I think I'm going to feel all of that this time in the Tokyo Dome. We are preparing the piece that will make KAT-TUN to take form from now on and once again we are going to stand on a stage as KAT-TUN and we are going to unite with the fans. It can be said it'll be the first step of the restarting. So first let us stand in this starting line that is the Tokyo Dome. Now I'm really looking forward to see in what shape I am after the concerts end and if I will feel the recharging period or not. To make these concerts, the three of us gathered a lot of pieces together with communication and the last piece will be spending time with the fans on the stage. I still don't know what will be "the thing" that I will be able to strongly feel on that stage.
   Now KAT-TUN has to be able to say "it was a good thing to do the recharging period". But even if we think that it was a good thing, if we don't use anything (that we learned during the recharging), then there was no point in having it. If the group activities start moving when the solo activities are completed and they are used as the group energy, then we will able to say "I'm happy that I concentrated in that solo activity back then". With the restart of our activities, regarding our relationship with the people who feel "I like KAT-TUN after all", like the ones who work with us or the fans who have been watching our activities, I think it shouldn't be the same as before. From now on, we are going to properly respond to all the things we've received from those people.


I don't think I'm more confident now that I've had a lot of solo work, but now it's more like I want to do it more and more, like I'm more greedy.

Ueda Tatsuya and “recharging period”

   After entering the recharging period, I thought of what could I do; I thought that I had to think carefully about each of my works. I also felt like all the responsibility fell on me. What are my strong points, what are my weak points, what is what I want to do...? The man "Ueda Tatsuya” advanced while thinking all of these and other things. Of course I've always had in mind the theme "make the group named KAT-TUN to grow as big as possible". In these 2 years, among all of that, since I only thought about what I can do, I wasn't impatient nor did I have doubts.
   During the recharging period, what I felt that I was demanded for, if we talk about television, was the part of me that hates to lose, and the part that is easily irritated. I've been told a lot that there aren't many people like that who are interesting. At first, it was the staff of Honoo no Taiikukai TV who realized it and they told me to let that side of me go out more and more. Also, Arashi's Sakurai Sho-kun told me when we were doing Kyuukyoku Battle "ZEUS": "It's interesting when you show that part of yours in Taiikukai TV". Since it was something normal for me, I've never realized it and when people around me told me things like "that's interesting" or "show more that side of yours", it became my distinctive characteristic. In variety shows, especially in all the shows with competitions that I'm often part of, it's weird to act violently as I do (laugh), but I was told that it was fine to act as I really felt. My costars, too, have helped me a lot and no matter what I did, it became interesting because they let me do it with all my strength. I faced each and every one of my jobs after receiving the advice of the people around me and even though I've also reconsider a lot of things, it's like I became to know my personality... Like I came to be certain of it. After announcing the recharging period, I had the opportunity to talk about my feelings toward KAT-TUN in Kaiikukai TV and I felt the love of the members of the staff. Since we decided to enter the recharging period, the people around us supported us for the sake of the group and did a lot of things for us and I'm really grateful to them for that. I felt once again that a lot of people support us and when we restarted our activities, I thought that I had to return the favor properly so I'm now looking forward to see what can I do for them.
   I don't think I'm more confident now that I've had a lot of solo work, but now it's more like I want to do it more and more, like I'm more greedy. I've been able to have the leading role for the first time with Shinjuku Seven and I've started to want to have more roles like that, to try to delve into more characters like that and to have more acting jobs. I've never had much confidence in myself. I must not be proud of that and I don't want to be content with that. I want to see my own situation objectively and grow as a person.

Thinking of KAT-TUN once again

   Regarding the members' activities, I heard from my manager what were the other 2 up to and we also had a group chat to share information, so generally everybody knew what the others were doing. I thought "they are working hard with x job so I have to work hard too". We could say that I was cheered up by feeling that. We each were doing our activities separately but in all that time there wasn't any breach in our feelings toward the group. Because if our feelings are not together, we are supposed to disband, so when we became 3 we talked about what to do, whether to disband or not and after that we decided to have the recharging period. In that moment we had our goal very well defined so I think our relationship became one that will not waver.
   After the restarting was decided, we were able to gather and announce it for the first time at the Johnny's Countdown Concert in front of everybody and I felt excited thinking of how would the figure of the 3 of us together would be filmed. That feeling has continued till now and I'm in a situation in which I have a lot of feelings mixed up together inside me. Next time, when we stand on Tokyo Dome's stage... I'm sure that I will have a strong feeling of happiness and when I get to sing in front of everybody and see everybody smiling faces, I'll think "Aah, we are back". I think that we'll actually feel the enjoyment to be with the group and the response of everybody not now, but in a little while. I think we will feel all of that at the same time with the fans, after we finish these concerts. I'm thinking that the KAT-TUN that's coming now will be like that.

And towards UNION

   About what's coming now, I think that I want to continue making the group bigger, but I don't want to lose our personality. We are thinking of satisfying as much people as we can by showing ourselves as we are and then responding sincerely to the people who support us. Because being liked by everybody is impossible, especially when it's someone like us (laugh). But that's something that has become part of KAT-TUN's personality. First, I want to return the love we've received from the people who have been supporting us, and then I want people who don't know them yet, know KAT-TUN's charms and if that increased the number of people who have an interest in us, I'd be happy.


There were things I could only obtain in these 2 years; thanks to these 2 years I can for sure continue doing more things in the future.

Nakamaru Yuichi and “recharging period”

   More than feeling the relief now that we can continue with the group activities, I'm feeling little by little that the recharging period really ended. During the recharging period I did my best to do the jobs I got and during my private time I thought about doing with all my power all the things that I couldn't do when I had group activities. My solo activities have also had a change in these two years, so thanks to this period, I think could do things my own way.
   At first, when the recharging period started, I honestly felt frustrated. Although when I think of our transition until now, it was a period to prepare ourselves to restart the group, so I came to accept that it was something necessary for KAT-TUN. After that, strangely, I kind of became serious... The feeling of breaking through became stronger. Until that moment, I thought that I would just do whatever it was giving it all, but suddenly something I didn't predict happened and I couldn't continue with the group activities, and didn't know what would happen to us. But, because that happened, I think that now I can enjoy freely without any stress. I thought of connecting that to the upcoming group activities. That's why I started to change little by little to a state of peace of mind. Even if you think seriously about something, if you can't do anything about it, you just have to simply go on and break through it, right?
   Thanks to taking this period, I got to take part in many variety shows. I did everything while thinking of how I should act in the shows, of how to do it all better than I did in the past. If you want me to be more specific, it is difficult to put it into words, but I got to gain a lot of experience. There were things I could only obtain in every job I had in these 2 years, in other words, thanks to these 2 years I can for sure continue doing more things in the future and I think that I must use all of that as a benefit for the group.

Thinking of KAT-TUN once again

   Regarding my consciousness about the group, it didn't face even when we entered the recharging period. Since the moment I began to be part of the group and be together with the members, to me, being part of KAT-TUN is something natural. Just after debuting, there were a lot of things that I didn't know, so I strongly felt that it would be better for the group if I gained some experience. That's something I still feel at the moment, but we are not in that state (of not knowing anything) anymore. Now each member does as they please and the result of that is what defines KAT-TUN. Maybe everything that I've ever done was for the sake of KAT-TUN. That's what I think.
  For that reason, during the recharging period, instead of saying that I've been watching the members' activities as I have always done, I have to say that until now I've never watched them while holding such a special feeling. But of course I strongly felt that I wanted us to get together and have activities together as soon as possible. The three of us went out to eat together many times. We didn't do it for any reason; we simply wanted to keep in touch at that time when we didn't see each other in group activities. But we are not young girls (laugh), men usually don't meet for such a reason so we didn't need to meet that frequently... I didn't have any worries at all about a member thinking of not wanting to have group activities anymore.
   We could announce the restarting of the group in Johnny's Countdown, and some time ago, Koyama (Keiichiro) from NEWS told me "During the CountCon, you, Nakamaru, were sparkling while singing as KAT-TUN". That wasn't my intention (laugh), but really maybe that "thing" that couldn't be seen when I was solo came out. I have a feeling that some ambition like the one I had 10 years ago just before and just after the debut sprouted. Maybe it was something like returning to my origins. Obviously I was happy, but it wasn't only that, many other emotions emerged.

And towards UNION

   The good thing about having had the recharging period is something we will know in our next project. All the members have been spending the past two years with the goal to be able to say that that decision was the best. If I look back, I've been able to do many jobs that I couldn't have done if not for the solo time we had and in that aspect I think we made the fans happy. Regarding the group's music activities, we've really made you wait. Since I think that in these concerts in the Tokyo Dome is when we are really restarting our activities as a group, I want to have 100% of fresh enjoyment with the fans. We of course are going to make concerts that satisfy the fans that have always supported us, but from now on I think we are also going to start having many music activities such as appearing in television and media. So since we'll have the opportunity to have many people watching us, once again I want to have activities that will attract more attention to us. I myself am looking forward to what can KAT-TUN do from now on, including the upcoming concerts, too.


It would be great if the group named KAT-TUN, including the fans, took the new first step in 2018. -Kamenashi

Since there's also an unknown part in what will happen to KAT-TUN, we are looking forward to see what kind of KAT-TUN we can show. -Ueda

Making enjoyable concerts, I want to get exhausted by having fun with everybody in the venue. -Nakamaru

Kamenashi: When deciding the name of these concerts, we connected it to 10Ks! and it was important to make it easy to understand what kind of concerts they were. We were looking for a name that would give the message of the 3 of us being together and planning to stand in front of fans and the world UNION was the best; and the sound when pronouncing it is also really good.
Ueda: Yes. The logo and font go really well with the meaning.
Kamenashi: When 10Ks!, the letter "K" was included, and this time we have the letters "UN" so I thought that was really great. To me, 10Ks! and UNION give the image of being a set that came in 2 years.
Nakamaru: Also, something we should point out is the visuals of the logo, the meaning and the order of the letters. There were many other ideas, but this is what was decided unanimously and we also thought that as a design the 3 arrows were good, right? One arrow can be broken, but if you put 3 arrows together, they can't be broken. There wasn't anything else needed for these concerts, we thought that was already perfect for them.
Ueda: We couldn't even break one arrow though! (Laugh)
Kamenashi: Well, that's right (laugh). First of all, we wanted to include the message of gathering together and then (the three arrows) transmitted that meaning easily and it also includes the presence of the fans so it became really popular, didn't it? The contents (of the concerts) put together the image of "the style of" the each of the three of us and what's "KAT-TUN-like". For that reason there is a great variety of songs and the composition is different than in 10Ks!. It was created with a part of "keeping you waiting" that is connected to 10Ks! and a different part that's more like this UNION style. Making things completely new will come after these concerts.
Nakamaru: If it were like always, we would give preference to the songs of the album, and we will always use that system, but not this time. People who have been supporting us since long ago and the people who started supporting us fairly recently can enjoy it so it came to have a well balanced content, didn't it?
Ueda: That's right. I'm practicing in this moment the flow of the songs while thinking of how to hold the feelings of the audience.
Kamenashi: For 10Ks! we chose the best of the past 10 years, but now we took a different angle for the songs choice. Giving the message that we are together is important and we want the songs to go across the audience as an entertainment, so we are now trying to pull that out and seeing how can we make it all "blend" together. More than just show everything (we have thought of doing to the audience) as we have always done, since in this 2018 we want to add that new angle of just being the three of us, I think they will be concerts co-done with the audience.
Ueda: We are talking here in this moment when we haven't had the concerts yet, so there's still an unknown part in all of this, that's why I'm looking forward to see what kind of KAT-TUN we are going to show.
Kamenashi: Yes. Objectively, there's a part that is definitely going to be different as we are going to sing old song being 3 people, but basically we have to polish ourselves and rethink our balance as a 3 people group. Including Real Face. I feel that doing that is the best for KAT-TUN's future.
Nakamaru: I think that maybe both, the fans and us, have to re-adapt (to the new form of the group). It would be great if while we explore this new facet (of the group) with these concerts, we advance in the direction of perfection.
Kamenashi: I think these concerts will also make us remember that uncomfortable feeling. Because everything we've done until now is going to be seen from a new angle. The things we made as 6 have a balance for 6 people, as 5 for 5, as 4 a balance for 4 people... Just like the new songs of the 3 of us are going to be balanced for 3 people. Based on that, obviously we are not going to deny all the things we've done until now; we are trying to compose these concerts as a declaration of our intention of continuing as 3 members KAT-TUN. In that aspect, we are going to firmly take the lead and it would be great if from the year 2018 it starts a time when the group KAT-TUN, including the fans, starts moving again.
Ueda: Since we are currently 3 people, I think that we have to present the songs to the audience properly as 3, don't we?
Kamenashi: That's right. We have to confirm it with the fans (that we can continue as 3). I think that to give the next step, first we need to gather, including gathering with the fans. Although it is not like we are going up the stage in the Dome feeling we have to prove ourselves. How will be what we will show with all our power and feelings after reuniting the 3 together be received? First, we'll face with all our power these performances in the Dome and when they've ended, what we'll have tried doing in the concerts and the response of the audience will be useful for our next step which I hope that, as it'll be the next scenery we'll see, it'll become something big.
Nakamaru: Also, these concerts' goods are something to pay attention to!
Kamenashi: What happened with that thing that you created, Nakamaru?
Nakamaru: I did it! It's something that will make everybody happy!! It is an item that I solemnly recommend.
Ueda: "KAT-TUN's hot bath for a fast charge"...? Ah, the bath salts. It's cool that the drawing Nakamaru did is in the package. This certainly looks like it will sell (laugh).
Nakamaru: Right!?
Kamenashi: What did end in the inside of the bath salts?
Nakamaru: The aromas are lavender, mint and sage.
Kamenashi: Sage!? Explain here right now why you had that idea! (Laugh)
Nakamaru: We decided to give preference to the colors, to use the members' colors. Doing that made it really difficult. We watched the colors that resulted after pouring a lot of things in the water and we had to try many times because it was always bit different (from the colors we wanted). So everybody have to buy at least two of this! (Laugh)
Kamenashi: By the way, isn't it the first time we sell a hoodie?
Nakamaru: Is it?
Ueda: It is! We haven't done it before.
Kamenashi: Also, the bracelet with the three strings intertwined goes really well with this time's theme; if everybody wears it, it will give the message we want to transmit and it'd be great because we would be wearing matching bracelets.
Nakamaru: Yes. Also, the penlight has a base and can be used as a decorative object so it's really rare. Though, everybody, I think you will have to worry about where to place it after the concerts...
Ueda: I don't think they will need to worry about that? (Laugh)
Kamenashi: (Laugh)
Nakamaru: Be worried! But, if you are worried, just display it in the entrance because it can be a really good indirect lighting. I want our goods to follow the innovative path from now on. I want to create a lot of weird things (laugh). So it'll be talked about like "this is awesome" implying its weirdness...
Kamenashi: It's fine if it isn't talked about implying its weirdness! (Laugh)

Kamenashi: Since we announced our restart in the Countdown Concert, we've been feeling the atmosphere of "congratulations!" in many places, right? But that was a bit difficult...
Nakamaru: That's right. We were happy and really grateful for those celebrations but... We may be perceived things a bit differently.
Kamenashi: Of course we properly accepted it and said "thank you", and I think the way everybody reacted was good. But since this year started, I've came to understand from first hand that we can't be told quickly such simple things like "I'm looking forward to see KAT-TUN" or "I can't wait for the concerts!" instead of just being talked about because we restarted our activities.
Nakamaru: For us, following the group's path, we entered the recharging period with the "restarting" in our heads, so the restart wasn't something that special.
Kamenashi: Yes, of course we feel the importance of moving again, but inside of the three of us wasn't the idea of "not gathering again" at all. We are starting to move again as a group in 2018, but it's not like we are going to have a 180 degree change in comparison as how we were before. But it is a fact that some people see us that way.
Ueda: I think it is good that each fans can take this as they want. It is true that everybody has different feelings. But it's definitely a good thing to come to the concerts with positive feelings, be it the feeling of "I'm happy" or the one of "I'm looking forward to it" and that's something that will make us more excited.
Nakamaru: That's another way to see it.
Kamenashi: In the future, I want to do things that we have never done before. Like an acting work with the 3 of us. I also hope that a new relationship between the 3 of us will be born in the shows and variety shows. It will be important to spend a lot of different situations with the three of us. Also, there are lots of things that we can't create with just us 3, so we'll borrow the help of the people around us.
Ueda: That's right. There are many things that we will not realize alone so I also want to experience the things that the people around and the staff will show us. There are many things that we want to do, but it's important to view things from different points of view.
Nakamaru: There are many things we want to do, but I think that whatever we do, the concerts will always be our base. For that reason, as in these concerts our relationship and shape is going to be seen, we have to make them think "I want to let the three of them do this", don't we?
Kamenashi: Yes, the moment to make them feel there are a lot of people by 3-members KAT-TUN's side is now with the performances in the Dome. Prove whether or not we 3 can do this thing or that thing is our next step. I think that the meaning of the recharging period was so our future activities will be seen vibrantly. Now, more than talking about this and that about the recharging period, I think first of all we have to prove that.
Ueda: Yes. Anyhow, now with these concerts we are having after 2 years, we have to show that we won't lose against all the different feelings of everybody who is looking forward to come and we have to work hard to become one and make them go home excited thinking "in spite of everything, KAT-TUN was the best!"
Nakamaru: This year we are restarting our activities but the only thing we've done to confirm it for now is the fan event (that took place 22nd of March), so once again we need to use these concerts as a chance to confirm it. Also, we have to create enjoyable concerts and get exhausted after enjoying with everybody else in the venue.
Kamenashi: Being able to stand in the Dome as 3 is something for what I'm really happy. From now on, as persons and as a existence (that everybody is watching and supporting) let's share a lot of experiences, have lots and lots of laughs, become a group that deliver smiles to everybody and head to our future together with the fans who feel the same as us.


[Pamphlet] KAT-TUN LIVE 2018 UNION: MEGA

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