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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding translations/subtitles
➤ Can I re-translate your subtitles?
Yes. Feel free to use everything I share on this blog as you like.

➤ Can you translate Kame's MAQUIAs into English?
No. Sorry, but I don't have any intention on doing it. But I usually do a sum up in English of every issue that I translate into Spanish on the blog's Twitter account.

➤ You subbed/translated _____ into Spanish but not English. Can you do it?
I always sub and translate everything into English and Spanish (except for MAQUIAs). If I only do one language then it means that it has already been or is being translated into the other language by someone else.

➤ What does it mean that the softsubs are not timed to any raw?
Most of the times, to do hardsubs, I work with the .ts raw of the whole show, cutting and converting it myself as I please and then time my subs to that 'new raw'. After that I delete it and not share it anywhere resulting in my softsubs not timed to any shared raw. I share the softsubs for those who know how to time subs or want to re-translate them.

➤ I found a mistake in a translation, what should I do?
Be it a translation mistake or a mistake in my English, please let me know so I can fix it ASAP.

Regarding any uploaded file
➤ How can I join splitted files?

Please, use the program called HJSplit.

➤ Can I use/share one of the videos/files you shared?
Yes. Feel free to use everything I share on this blog as you like.

➤ Do I need to ask for permission to use/share/re-translate one of your videos/subtitles?
No. You don't need to inform me nor even give me credits if you don't want to.

➤ I found a broken link, can you re-upload it?
Yes. Let me know via comments/Twitter/e-mail and I'll re-upload it ASAP.

➤ Can you upload ______ to MEGA/4shared/MediaFire/any other site?
Yes. I currently upload everything to MEGA and 4shared, if you'd like me to upload something to any other site, let me know and I'll do it ASAP.

➤ I've uploaded one of your files to other service for a friend, do you want the link?
Yes! Mirrors are always welcome!

Regarding requests of any kind
➤ I asked you something in a comment/Twitter/e-mail and you haven't replied, what should I do?
I might have missed it or forgotten about it. If I haven't replied in 3 days, please write again.

➤ Can you translate/sub ______?
I usually accept all KAT-TUN's related requests except for long shows or difficult shows without Japanese subtitles. Please, make sure nobody else has translated already whatever you are requesting before asking.

➤ I'm forming a new fansub group, would you like to join?
No. I like working alone, but I'm always happy to help. Let me know if you need help with a certain translation.

➤ I can time subtitles, would you like my help?
I usually like to do everything by myself since I'm not good at team work and I don't like bothering others, but if you are requesting a translation, I might take up your offer.

➤ I'm translating something and need help with some parts, can I ask you?
Yes, I'm always happy to help, but keep in mind that I'm not that good at Japanese thus I might not be of any help at all.

Regarding other questions
➤ Is there a way to see only the posts in English?
Yes. Please click here.

➤ Is there a way to keep track of your posts without having to check your blog every day?
You can receive an e-mail every time I post a new entry by writing your e-mail address in the box on the left collumn. I also write a tweet in the blog's account every time I post a new entry.


  1. Amerjpoplover11/7/19 02:02

    Thank you for all that you do for the fandom!

  2. Anonymous11/7/19 10:18

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication